Friday, October 12, 2012

Calcutta Wrap and Roll

Calcutta Wrap and Roll has definitely proven to be quite the find.

We were originally looking for a burger place in Westchester when I stumbled upon an article from Westchester Magazine that covered a whole host of top picks. Calcutta Wrap and Roll caught our eye and we decided it was worth the drive to check it out.

We have now been here four or five times and are sure to continue coming back again.

The restaurant is located in the very back of Addyman Square in Ardsley that honestly was not easy to find the first time. But now that we have it down, we like to come at least once a week. There is usually plenty of parking although now on Sundays it is a little strained due to one of the bars and the NFL. So you might have to park at the bus station or on the street.

The shop itself is fairly small and acts mostly as a take-away. They have enough total seating for 14 with 3 tables of four and one for two. We have taken ours to go once and have sat down and enjoyed our meal there the others.

We have tried several of the dishes so far. Every order of ours includes the Vegetable Samosas. You get a small dish with two samosas in it for each order. They come with two chutneys, a cilantro based and a date-tamarind. Both are very good and match well to the samosa.

This next dish is one that I ordered strictly because it said it was a house special. I had never had one like it before but I have continued to order it each time, although only on the first visit did I eat it there. It is perfect for leftovers lunch at work for me. This is of course the Calcutta Vegetarian Roll. Basically this is a fried Paratha wrap filled with sautéed Paneer mixed with spices and onions. You can have it with egg but I have not tried it that way yet.

One of my semi recent finds at other Indian restaurants has been the Papri Chaat so when I saw it on the menu here I had to try it. To me, this is my favorite version of it and it makes another great choice for leftovers. I have had this several times although not every time. It certainly makes for a great option to cool the mouth after some of the more spicy dishes.

Another find here is their Baigan Bhartha. This is an item we had not previously found locally but always enjoy when it is available. It can come a little spicier than we’re used to but is always a must have.

I love a good saag. It is not very creative on my part, but I just really enjoy it as you always should with the food you eat. Because of this I will often debate the Lamb Saag or some other item. I have had this about 3 times so far. It is one of those dishes I truly enjoy.

I have also tried the Vegetable Biryani. This was a nice dish but a bit too spicy for my tastes. Was much nicer the next day for left over lunch though. The Chicken Tikka Masala was a dish I used to get when I was first trying Indian food. We accidentally got that instead of the Papri Chaat in our to go bag once and it was very nice as well. Not something I’d go out of my way to order, but a good dish that I’d recommend if someone’s tastes went in that direction.

All in all Calcutta Wrap and Roll has quickly worked its way into our short list of go to places when we’re deciding our dining out choices.

Do be aware that the kitchen is often closed from 3pm to 4pm on at least the weekends. This is not listed on any of the information we’ve come across yet and in both of our experiences with this the open sign in the window was lit and the door was open. We usually just decide to wait it out when this happens.

Calcutta Wrap and Roll
465 Ashford Avenue
Ardsley, NY 10502
(914) 591-2222

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